The Beminded Experience

Lena Nordin
“We’ve been working with Beminded for quite some time now, and we are more than happy with the result. The training helps our employees to find efficient methods of working built on common rules, yet it allows for their different conditions in responsibility and role. The participants learn a way of working which makes them more efficient and focused the very same day they take the course, so it is an easy return on investment.”

Lena Nordin, Director HR, Björn Borg

Kristoffer Meyner,
“It all started with Beminded training my business unit team in stress-free productivity. The effect of changing how we think and behave in the day-to-day work has been apparent, and it has led us to us to work with Beminded in several other business departments. By now more than half of all the employees of the Swedish part of the company have gone through training. We have great confidence in Beminded, and working with them has changed us as a team and led to transparency and trust within the group, in addition to making us productive and motivated. Even though we work in the complex field of biopharma, Beminded successfully tailored their services to our needs.”

Kristoffer Meyner, Business Unit Manager, Abbvie

Anne Lise
 “After sessions with Anna from Beminded we have reached a situation where we now work better together, towards clearer goals, with explicit expectations. In addition I am now better at following upon the actions I delegate, I have time to reflect and to prepare meetings. More planning and structure reduces stress.”

Anne-Lise Kristiansen, Head of Securities Services, Nordea

There’s an easier way
There’s an easier way
There’s an easier way

There’s an easier way

Modern working life can feel overwhelming. There are vast volumes of emails, updates, and communications coming our way, every minute of the waking day—and even while we sleep! It’s not surprising that more and more of us are feeling stressed-out and unproductive, despite our hard work.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Beminded approach is built on a science-based understanding of how the human brain works. It provides practical, easy-to-implement and remember methods for tackling our inbox and
to-do lists.