It is radically freeing to be in control,
joyfully productive and stress-free.

This is what organisations and their people tell us, after completing the Beminded programme.

The format

Beminded NZ is an in-person training programme and is run with up to twelve participants per intake.  

There are six key components to the programme :


We begin with an interview to understand your organisation’s unique context and requirements, and tailor our approach to the specific needs of your team and organisation.


We complete a study to understand your current state. This is built using a survey issued to all participants two weeks prior to workshop time.


Over a full day, this in-person workshop covers theory, reflection, awareness as well as concrete training and practicing on participants’ real-life work tasks.


One month later, in a half day workshop we discuss progress and any obstacles, rehearse and develop your skills for increased productivity, and reduced stress, and ensure the new way of working becomes a positive habit.


We conclude the training component of the Beminded NZ programme with analysis of your new state, and the results you are enjoying so far.


For the next 12 months, we stay in touch with you and are available for phone and email support.

We support your people, team & organisation as you embed this new, life changing, methodology.

A solution with impact


A new way of thinking, and doing

Beminded training taps into the lexicon of why and how our brains operate in the modern, information-heavy world. Armed with this context, and using a carefully developed methodology, training participants learn a powerful combination of knowledge, techniques, and tools that will instantly enable effective management of time—in a stress-free way. Using this approach, participants learn to triage information streams, identifying and prioritising the important, over the urgent. Stop fighting fires, and instead, focus on problem solving, and strategic projects


The training is practical – not just theoretical.

Every person in the training session gets to practice new behaviours and use new information management tools during the workshop, on their real-life work tasks.

Every person learns how to ‘save’ their brain and energy for project work, or big tasks—where it is needed. The training teaches how to create the time and space to feel motivated and creative at work, instead of mentally worn out.


Meaningful, real-life results

Here’s what organisations and people can expect to get out of Beminded NZ:

  • A better ability to plan time, and achieve more in a day—with less stress.

  • Learn a system for triaging information streams that is manageable, and stress free.

  • Gain an effective task management system, with clarity on what to prioritise on any given day.

  • A declutter of mental space and digital workspace.

  • Attain the tools to be smart about how time is used, enabling better focus on the things that produce results.

  • Understand how to stay on top of the inbox and other information streams.

  • Learn how to ensure time spent at work is productive; there will be ‘spinning wheels’ instead,  pushing past procrastination, and into action.

  • The whole team will gain structures and processes that allow them to work better, together (when does a team).

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